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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a potent strategy embraced by both B2C and B2B marketers to distribute content effectively. It’s a dynamic communication channel, with 87% of B2B marketers and 77% of B2C marketers actively leveraging it to engage with their audiences. Despite its age, email marketing remains versatile, serving purposes like understanding audiences, presenting services, clarifying benefits, sharing updates, fostering communication, and building trust. In today’s business landscape, virtually all established companies incorporate email marketing strategies. Even if you’re initially disinterested, companies introduce themselves and share valuable information. Notably, email campaigns boast a significantly higher open and read rate compared to social media, by a factor of five. This rate also surpasses that of private messages conveyed through media outlets. A substantial majority of individuals prefer receiving offers and discounts via email, with only 17% expressing a preference for social media channels. This enlightening data spreads across various media platforms.

Advantages of Email Marketing:
Email marketing allows sending tens of thousands of messages swiftly and economically, assuring consistent, reliable results. Post-campaign analysis refines strategies for better future performance. This analytical approach progressively enhances plans, yielding increasingly favorable outcomes.

Complexity Beyond Assumptions:
While some see email marketing as straightforward—just composing and sending messages—it’s more nuanced. Successful email marketing requires meticulous planning for optimal results. We universally acknowledge identifying the target audience’s importance. Content creation is paramount, starting with a captivating subject line that entices recipients to open the email. This challenge is real even for skilled copywriters. Additionally, the email’s body should be succinct, ideally highlighting the core theme upfront. Ensuring text adapts to different devices is vital since most people check emails on mobile phones. Timing and frequency matter; messages should be dispatched thoughtfully to avoid overwhelming recipients.

Concluding Thoughts:
Effective email marketing demands a thoughtful approach, especially given potential campaign hesitancy and the risk of customer attrition from mismanagement. Meticulous planning guarantees customer retention and success.

What do we offer?

Complete email marketing packages

150 GEL – with 10,000 users

350 GEL – with 30,000 users

600 GEL – with 50,000 users

999 GEL – with 100,000 users.

The most important thing is if you use our other services: design, web. Page creation, social media management or photo/video services, this rate will also be halved. And in case of signing a six-month contract with our company – the email marketing package will be delivered to you for free.

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